Big Jobs 2020 - How to apply

I-270 North Project Ramps Up The $278 Million project over 4 years is moving forward! We want to update you on the Next Steps following the cancellations of our scheduled forums, initiatives, recruitment, mentoring, and partnership meetings due to COVID-19. As an alternative to in-person meetings and events, MW will host video streaming and virtual forums to address Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Workforce Development, STEM, Community Outreach and Involvement interests, information and inquiries via the I-270 North Project website. On the website, you can access an overview of the project, schedules, opportunities, new developments, and how to be involved in the success of this project. Just click on the Opportunities drop-down menu and choose Diversity for current job and hiring information. All tabs will provide the latest pertinent information as well as specifics as noted below.

National Geospatial Agency (NGA) 1.75 Billion

McCarthy is going to be hiring carpenters, laborers, finishers, and some operators and iron workers for this massive, 4-year project. It is beginning spring 2020, and expected to be ramping up in June. Shawn Jordan is their Field Operations Manager who will be doing the interviewing and hiring. Shawn has asked that applicants fill out an application online at, then select the drop-down fields for Central Region, St Louis multiple projects. Once you have completed the application, please contact us at MOWIT for further information on how to contact Shawn. Good luck!

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