Interested in a career in construction? Start Here!

Have you been looking for a job change?  Tired of your past career, maybe not earning enough?  Consider a career in the union building trades!!  We can help!  The building trades offer excellent pay, benefits, and training.  Women who work in the union trades have closed the wage gap!   We have successfully referred scores of women into the local apprenticeship programs.  Here’s some good info to get you started:

MOWIT is a non-profit led by volunteer tradeswomen designated to helping recruit more women into the union building trades of the St. Louis region, as well as help retain those women once they are in the trades. You will find we are small, but very dedicated and powerfully helpful!  All our events are family-friendly and we are very welcoming to all.  We invite you to follow us on Facebook at We offer a variety of events listed there which include working with tools, mentoring, and networking; and all are welcome to join any event. We hold our tradeswomen support meetings the second Wednesday of every month at our office, 2929 South Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, MO 63118, from 4 pm - 7 pm. Orientations to the trades are offered from 4 pm - 5 pm. Please join us; you never know who you will meet.  If you are interested at all in a career, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU ATTEND THE NEXT MEET UP!

When you attend a meeting, we will give you a packet, a mentor, and guidance.  In this packet, you will find:

● Career path Flowchart (overview of the many pathways into the trades)

● Two basic construction guidebooks - “You Can Do It- A Woman’s Guide to Construction” by

Chicago Women In Trades; and “Your Guide to Construction” by United Way. Both give a

basic overview of the union building trades industry and general application process.

● St. Louis Construction Coop. book (arch on cover) This lists every local construction union,

with info on where and how to apply to that unions’ apprenticeship program

● MOWIT Trifold pamphlet. This lists our basic programs, contact info, etc.

● MOWIT Monthly Meetup Flyer. This invites you to our regular meeting

● Pre-Apprentice Resource page. This lists the contact information for more information about

the two pre-apprentice programs.

● Intake Form. This helps us know more about you, where you are at in the process, and how

we can help you. Please fill out and return.

If you can’t attend a meeting, please call, text, email, or DM us on Facebook.  We prefer to have a phone conversation to asses your needs, skills, and interests to best make a plan.  To start your journey, we would like to refer you to our sister organization (and our sheros!) Chicago Women In Trades’ publication “You Can Do It” listed on their website here ( embed link: )  CWIT has been assisting women enter and succeed in the trades for over 40 years and is seen widely as the gold standard of tradeswomen organization.  Fabulous information found at that link.  Please start with the You Can Do It booklet.


(636) 926-6948

2929 S Jefferson Ave. St. Louis, MO 63143