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Having a hard time choosing between trades? Consider the BUD program

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

BUD, or Building Union Diversity, is a program designed to reach out to women and minorities who have no exposure to the trades.  The program allows participants to spend 5 - 7 weeks learning about 5 - 7 various STL union building trades.  This program will orient you to general aspects of these trades and give some certifications and advice for entry into a career in a union building trade.  While the BUD Program is temporarily on hold with the COVID Crisis, it will resume, and we have referred many women who love the program.  Here’s info about the program.

To Qualify, participants must:

  • Demonstrate a strong interest in a Construction Trades career

  • Minimum 18 years old or older

  • Have a High School Degree/GED or post-secondary education

  • Confirm you are unemployed or under-employed

  • Pass a Drug Test (self-declaration is ok, but will be tested the first week of BUD)

  • Achieve a Level 5 on the WorkKeys Applied Math and Workplace Documents assessment prior to entrance interview

  • Fill out an application and bring to entrance interview

  • Have a resume and bring it to entrance interview. ( Week prior to session)

COVID-19 continues to impact BUD, the building trades and their training facilities, along with the construction contractors. The past few months have been difficult for all of us. Most of us have been personally affected, or know someone that has been affected, financially, medically or both.

Our last graduating class of March 2020, BUD 19, finished their 5-week training at the very same time that the virus was beginning to have its major impact. Many contractors instituted temporary hiring freezes and the training facilities began to close to keep their members and staff safe. Typically BUD operates 4 sessions a year but Covid has changed that for 2020. Based on the information we have as of now, only a second session will be held in 2020.

2020 BUD remaining schedule is:

  • BUD will do interviews on Wednesday, July 29th. The classes will start Monday, August 3rd and run through Friday, September 4th. Graduation will take place on September 9th or 10th.

Contact us on FB, email, or phone to get more info and apply.  Our BUD Liaison Sheena Houston will assist you with questions, applications, advice, and program entry.  Sheena graduated from the BUD 14 Class, and is currently employed as a Local 36 Sheet Metal Worker.  She is also a MOWIT Board Member.

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